Three Months: Where's the Pause button?

Three months: Here's our Sweet Potato!

We find MZ absolutely irresistable and have filled the house with pictures of her. Sometimes after she goes to sleep I find myself pouring through those Ofoto slideshows, amazed at how she's growing and changing. She can hold her head pretty steadily now, and I no longer have to worry that her head will tip out of her carseat padding, or that she'll fling herself sideways in my arms when she loses control of her outstretched neck.

She remains very aware of her environment. When we walk with her in the Baby Bjorn, she arches her back to get a better view, and can stay awake for a good part of the walk now, taking it all in. She seems to love wind (as long as it's not too cold), when we step out our door, she puts her face into it and licks it as though she can taste it. She does this on walks through the "New Chinatown" of Clement Avenue, too... she seems responsive to smells.

However, she still isn't responsive to the bottle. Robert is beyond patient, and seems to be able to settle her down to try more often than not, however, she hasn't truly sucked from the bottle in several days, while the clock on my maternity leave winds down.

Miriam has also begun to pay attention to toys and patterns, the other day we opened a gift for her that included a smiling sunshine toy with black and white stretchy cords on it and her face lit up. She still doesn't grab, but if I place something in her hand she will hold onto it. She's lost her obsession with her hands, although she still seems interested in learning to suck her thumb. She's a drooling fiend, however, and we try to have a cloth on hand at all times. She has come to enjoy bath time, which is still her special time with her father, and almost makes up for the agony of the bottle.

As she grows more attentive to her world, I love my days with her, and often wish I could press pause to absorb where she is right now, she's growing and changing so fast. It is almost impossible to imagine that she's three months old.