Two months: Out and about.


One month: Her awkward phase, but she's already smiling.

Two Weeks: MZ in the beginning


Getting started

Miriam Zsofia is six weeks old today. She makes eye contact and smiles and holds her head up for brief moments. She also sleeps "through the night," according to the pediatric definition, which means we are lucid enough to make these observations and capable of dealing with her penchant for going 0 to 60 in seconds -- this kid can cry herself purple when she needs to make a point. But like her Dad, she lets it go quickly and soon we are smiles and gurgles and coos again.

Miriam amazes and enthralls us, we can watch her for hours, and holding her hunched little form fills us with a warmth and happiness previously unimagined. Watching her grow is astounding, she seems to be doing so much so fast, and is turning into a little Buddha baby with her chubby cheeks and mostly-even temper. It's hard to believe six weeks has gone by already.