A few choice blurbs from MZ that have made it to Facebook and deserve to be remembered:

06/19: In an awed hush tone upon discovering an American Girl catalog for the first time: This is a very cool book.

06/19: Upon hearing Lady Gaga's latest, MZ announced that she too would like to ride on a disco stick. Grrreeaat.

06/16: MZ is obsessed with cemeteries after Great Grandma's funeral. Today she insisted that Mana and Papa take her to the cemetery to visit Great Grandma. She had them read all the gravestones, she wanted to know who Grandma's neighbors are and how old they were when they died. The next morning, Daddy asked her if she had brought flowers. Disappointment clouded her face for just a moment, and then she announced: We didn't have any flowers at preschool. We'll bring them next time.

06/14: Fabulous trip to Brentwood to pick cherries with neighborhood friends. I picked a ton, in a completely obsessive compulsive way. MZ picked a ton, too, and G insisted on putting all his cherries in MZ's bucket. We came home with 18 lbs. of cherries!! That's a nice little store of cherry jam.

Mama: Happy birthday, Great Grandma!
MZ: We can't have a cake for her because she's dead.


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